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Capture and Proposal Leadership

Targets to Awards
The Waypoint Capture and Proposal Leadership solution is a comprehensive, contemporary and integrated solution source for achieving our client’s revenue growth goals. While other business capture and proposal management providers offer outdated, mechanical and process-focused services, Waypoint provides a/an:
  • Intense focus on the client’s success for the full life cycle of the target programs
  • Solutions that are contemporary, integrated and technology enabled
  • Technology Enabled Virtual Capture/Proposal Team
  • Dedicated proposal team support from Waypoint Solution Center in Northern Virginia
  • Internal culture focused on success, openness and uncompromising integrity
  • Attentiveness to the cultural and business needs of our clients
Solution Components
  • Win Strategy Validation
  • Proposal Development Leadership
  • Price To Win Leadership
  • Color Team Reviews
  • Post Delivery (of proposal) Activities
Value Delivered
  • Higher win rate
  • Improved use of capture/proposal resources
  • Early and ongoing detection of strategy misalignments
  • Improved execution readiness
  • Improved alignment of pricing decisions with customer & market factors
  • Improved proposal team morale and productivity
  • Highest proposal quality for dollars invested = Higher ROI
Waypoint Capture and Proposal Leadership Process

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