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Waypoint, LLC


Waypoint’s integrated, technology enabled solution employs our unique application of COTS software-as-a-service and industry best practices to facilitate content management and process execution across all pre-award business functions. Our approach provides transparency to and continuous improvement of all key performance indicators. This solution was developed for, and proven to win in, the most rigorous of competitive environments - the United States Federal and State & Local government markets.

The Waypoint Course™
The Waypoint Course™ describes the life-cycle of complex, competitive procurements from the recognition of need through its fulfillment, as well as the major phases in the process. We identify these phases as unique “waypoints” on a growth oriented business course.

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Divided into four (4) well-defined, inter-related quadrants (Buyer – Customer, Seller – Contractor), Waypoint’s business services focus on the Seller quadrant with the single objective to increase a seller’s probability to become the winning contractor and create repeatable, sustainable revenue growth.

Our solution integrates and technology enables three (3) business services, Market Assessment & Strategy, Portfolio & Pipeline Optimization, and Capture & Proposal Leadership, in a seamless process.

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